Personal Profile

I was born and raised in the small close knit town of Pella, Iowa.  Feeling a need to spread my wings, I attended Central College (in Pella).  It was there that God began shaping the lives of six young men (and yes, I was one of them).  Through four years of intense Bible study, we all felt lead to ministry.

Post graduation, I joined the International Fellowship of Evangelical Students establishing a student movement in St. Petersburg, Russia.  After two years abroad, I came to Timothy for what I thought would be one year.

Fourteen years later, God has surprised me often and blessed me enormously.  I have learned from many of my colleagues and made wonderful friends.  And during my time here, I have met the three most beautiful women in the world, my wife Kara and daughters Lilia and Adrianna.

Professional Profile

I graduated from Central College with degrees in Mathematics and Computer Science.  During my time in Russia, I taught English and Philosophy classes in the Ghertzin State University. 

Here at Timothy I have taught Bible and computer classes at almost every level, including to the staff.  In 2003, I completed my Masters of Science in Computer Network Systems.  I also teach the “Technology in Education” class for Trinity Christian’s adult studies program.

My position as Director of Technology is well suited for me.  I enjoy technology, but even more I am passionate about seeing how technology can improve our lives.  Finding new ways to present our curriculum, challenging students to use technology to find their own answers and helping Timothy communicate better to students, parents, alumni and the world are the things I can get excited about.

Philosophical Profile

I have always enjoyed working with youth which is another reason I am happy to be part of this school.  As part of this Christian community we have the chance to help nurture young faith, something I take very seriously.  Even more so we can open their eyes to a larger Christian worldview.

In my position as Director of Technology, I see how technology is not only a necessity in today’s world, but it is also becoming a guiding force of our culture.  I want to see more of our students being leaders in technology and then use the new mediums to God’s glory.  At their best, Christians have pushed technology forward while guiding its direction with Godly discernment.  That is what I want taught here.


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